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Price for Our Services

Competitive Pricing

We are always upfront about our pricing and any price changes will be communicated to you before you pay. The quote we give you includes all taxes and fees. The quote does NOT include gratuity, however, we do appreciate when you tip our drivers. We just did not want to make that a requirement with our company because we like to leave it up to the customer. 

Currently, our company charges $2.85 per minute plus an additional $5.70 for the two minutes that it takes to load and unload everything into the vehicle. Prices are subject to change occasionally, due to unforeseen market forces. Read the following paragraphs for a further breakdown of our pricing model. 

The time is calculated according to however long the ride is from the pickup location to the destination address on Google maps at the time the ride is scheduled. The additional $5.70 is to allow for the time it takes for a person to load and unload luggage and other items at the beginning and end of each ride which is only two minutes extra added to each ride. 

Our minimum charge for a ride is $25.00, so if the calculation ends up being less than the amount of $25.00 then we will just make the ride $25.00 even. This rarely happens, however, occasionally rides do end up being less than 9 minutes long and so this is when we implement the minimum $25.00 rule. The reason that we chose $25.00 as the absolute minimum per ride is because this is the amount that our business requires in order to stay profitable on each ride. Anything less than this and our business would be losing money. We really try our best to stay competitive with Lyft's Lux Black pricing but it isn't possible every single time. Traffic isn't usually taken into account when charging for a ride, however, if a ride is significantly longer due to traffic then the original quoted price for the ride may change at the end of a ride. (This is a very very rare instance though.) 

For a half day(4 hours) we charge $615.00 and for a full day(8 hours) we charge $1,175.00 which ends up being a discounted price compared to the usual $2.85 per minute rate. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about our pricing by emailing us: jake.heather@getyouthererideshare.com or texting/calling us: (520)472-7714

Occasionally we will lower our prices depending on the situation so it doesn't hurt to ask us. Plus we do like to stay competitive as stated above.

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